Las Vegas Law Firm Assists Clients with Appeals

Nevada attorneys guide clients through the civil appellate law process

If you are unsatisfied with a court’s decision in a case, it may be worthwhile to discuss your options with a lawyer who is familiar with the unique demands of appellate work. Ireland Law Group represents individuals and businesses in the Supreme Court of Nevada and Nevada Court of Appeals, and our attorneys are also members of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, District of Columbia and Supreme Court of the United States.  We provide thoughtful, creative and robust appellate advocacy in civil and business matters.

Experienced lawyer works hard to pursue or defend appeals

Following a trial, parties who wish to appeal the outcome of a case must begin the process by filing a motion to appeal in a timely manner—within 30 days of the notice of entry of judgment for most civil cases. As appellate lawyers, we critically evaluate issues and errors in the underlying case, draft precise briefs and present compelling arguments in your favor. We have brought appeals on behalf of clients in state and federal courts and handle a broad range of civil law issues.

Whether you seek to challenge or defend a ruling, you can depend on us to thoroughly analyze all relevant issues in your case and ensure that your interests are skillfully represented.

Knowledgeable counselor evaluates post-trial options

Not all civil cases can be appealed; however, we can assess your situation and determine which options are available to you. Common grounds for appeal include legal errors by the court such as the application of incorrect legal standards, misinterpretations of the law, use of inadmissible evidence or mistakes in instructing the jury. New and relevant facts or fraud by an opposing party may also come to light after judgment is entered. Even if you disagree with a verdict based on such reasons, the appellate process may not be the best solution for your case, and you may benefit more from filing a post-trial request such as a motion for reconsideration with the trial court. Ireland Law Group carefully reviews each case and advises clients on the best course of action for their objectives.

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At Ireland Law Group, we provide capable appellate representation for clients in Clark, Washoe and Douglas counties in Nevada, and can also take certain matters to the Ninth Circuit and District of Columbia Courts of Appeal or even the  Supreme Court of the United States. To schedule a free consultation at my office, call 702-427-2110 or contact me online