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Nevada law firm offers skilled representation in civil and business matters 

A critical step to overcome a vexing legal problem is choosing a lawyer who will protect your interests in a skilled and sincere manner.  I started Ireland Law Group in 2018 to apply my experience in Nevada litigation, trials and appeals to help people and business directly.  After handling a variety of civil, business, employment and medical matters, my practice is currently focused on business and employment law.

Diligent lawyer provides valuable services to individuals and businesses

Having worked with clients in multiple contexts, I make every effort to deliver the following benefits to them:

  • Aggressive advocacy — My advocacy is thoughtful and assertive and underwritten by hard work and persistence.
  • Familiarity with the court system — My experience in Nevada courts allows me to navigate pre- and post-trial proceedings with fluency and confidence.
  • Strategic planning — I analyze the critical issues in your case to determine the strategy that best meets your objectives.

With skill and compassion, I take a collaborative approach to addressing your legal problems.

Skilled attorney assists with civil issues and appeals

My firm handles a variety of cases in several areas of practice:

  • Appellate Law — As an attorney well-versed in appellate law, I can help you challenge or preserve trial decisions across a wide range of legal areas, identifying and raising key issues and delivering solid arguments in the interests of pursuing or defending an appeal.
  • Business law — I advise businesses varied issues, including breaches of contract, general liability, and responding to business litigation.
  • Civil litigation — When a conflict must be dealt with in court, I represent clients through the many stages of civil, business and commercial litigation, from filing lawsuits and conducting discovery to trial, settlement or appeal.  

In every type of case, I work closely with clients to thoroughly understand all relevant facts and prepare for every stage of litigation. 

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At Ireland Law Group, we provide thoughtful and assertive advocacy in varied civil, business and employment matters. Call 702-427-2110 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation.